or: The Phantom Crown.

A larger structure suitable for New Spain, Mexico, The Mediterranean, or the Old West

Mexican Adventure: Terrain: Villa 2

I had built a number of smaller buildings, but wanted some more substantial structures: This was my second attempt at such. It was also an experiment at using a technique to create Mediterranean-style tiled roofs.

The building itself is a simple foamcore box with a notch cut out at the back to make the first storey smaller that the main floor. A series of arches were cut out to give it a less 'boxy' look.

The (functioning) doors are cardboard on wire hinges, and the floor/flat roof are cardboard, with ribbon tabs to aid in removal.

The tiled roof and portico roof are cardboard, tiled with strips of corrugation cut from single-sided corrugated packing board. I had been concerned that they would not be strong enough, but... The bottom edge is laminated to double thickness. Each layer of tile overlaps the one below it, so they are also double-thickness.I glue the rows down one at a time, and let each dry to eliminate any chance of warping of the board underneath.

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