or: The Phantom Crown.

A larger building suitable for New Spain, Mexico, or the American West.

Mexican Adventure: Terrain: The Villa

I had built a number of smaller buildings, but wanted some more substantial structures: This was my first attempt at such.

The building itself is a simple foamcore box with a notch cut out at the back to make the first storey smaller that the main floor. A series of arches were cut out to give it a less 'boxy' look, and an interior wall added to create a portico and upper gallery.

The balcony railing at the front is supported by a piece of milled/pressed trim from a lumber yard. The railing was created from oval beads strung on wire, glued into holes drilled in the trim, with craft pick sections acting as the railing. The semi-circular turrets at the ends are merely posterboard laminated around a crazy glue bottle, with an extra strip strengthening the rim. The laminated tube is cut in half & glued in place, with a cardboard floor.

The (functional) doors are cardboard, on wire hinges, and the tile floor is printed craft paper intended for 'scrap booking.' I intend to add some interior details such as rugs, tables, etc. but of course will probably never get around to it. (As it turns out I am making tables for my village: They make great firing steps!)

All the floors and roof sections are cardboard, with ribbon tabs to aid removal (save the front gallery floor, which is fixed in place). They are supported by strips of foamcore.

The base is covered with sand, and pieces of dyed sponge were added as vegetation.

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