or: The Phantom Crown.

A small Shrine suitable for Spain, New Spain, or Mexico

Mexican Adventure: Terrain: The Shrine

I wanted a small shrine typical of those to be found at crossroads in Spain & Mexico. I based the design on some sketches from a Spanish friend, Jesus Mateo Serrano. Any flaws in design are the result of my lack of talent, not his...

The roof is cardboard, tiled with corrugations, and reinforced with foamcore wedges. (as in Villa 2) It is supported by foamcore wedges and the side walls, and is removable. The shade over the door is also cardboard,
shingled with posterboard, and supported by matchsticks. As always, the door is on wire hinges.

The interior is simple, consisting of a piece of foamcore forming the supporter for the crucifix (a collar pin purchased at a dollar store) and 2 candles.

I flattened the ends of 2 pieces of wire and sharpened them, as if I was making spears. (OK, I cut down 2 spears I had made) I drilled holes in sheet plastic, and punched these out with a small punch. I bent the wire at a right angle, and slid the disks on to make the vase of the candle and holder. These I glued into holes in the wall. (The shot to the right has the roof removed to let light in!)

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