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Uniforms of the Mexican Adventure: Michael Provost

Mexican Adventure: Uniforms: Michael Provost

Michael Provost is a Belgian author and illustrator, best known for his French-Language graphic novels: "Mission au Pays des Collines" and "Tacambaro" which chronicle the adventures of Remi Tambour, a young drummer in the Belgian Grenadiers. 'Tacambaro" is set in the Mexican Adventure, and Remi is in the fore of the action. Please contact Michael for more information.

These illustrations are from Michael's Blog, and appear here with Michael's generous permission.

I cleaned up the scans a bit and resized them to fit my page.. Any errors in translation are mine and mine alone.

He has also sent illustrations of the Belgian Legian at Tacambro, and the Foreign Legion at Camerone.

The Belgian Legion

1. Grenadier in full dress.
2. Voltigeur in attack order. Battle of Tacambaro, 11 April 1865.
3. Drummer, 1865 - 1866.

4. Grenadier, Mounted Company
5. Grenadier. By 1866 the Belgian troops would have resembled the majority of European troops. This shows the extent that supply shortcomings were made up from French stores.
6. Cantinère.

The Austrian Legion

Infantry Cavalry

1. Gunner wearing Bonnet de Police
2. Jäger.
3. Jäger coat and forage cap.

4. Emperor Maximilian's Hungarian Hussar regiment in full dress.
5. Emperor Maximilian's Hungarian Hussar regiment in undress order
6. Uhlan in full dress.

The Contra-Guerillas (1861 - 1867)

1. Original uniform of the Contra-Guerilla commissioned by Charles de Stoecklin, Vera Cruz - 1863.
2. Brigadier of the first squadron of the French Contra-Guerrillas.
3. Hiorseman, 1st Squadron (back).

4. NCO of the second squadron of the Contra-Guerrillas.
5. Horseman of the second squadron of the Contra-Guerrillas.
6. Sous-Officer of the Contra-Guerrilla Artillery.

Commanders of the Contra-Guerrillas Contra-Guerillas and Auxiliary Troops

1. Lieutenant Colonel Gaston Gallifet (1866 - 1867).
2. Colonel Charles-Louis Dupin, (1863 - 1866).
3. Captain Aloys Michel Ney, (1865).

4. Fusilier, Foreign legion, at Camarone.
5. Infantryman of the Contra-Guerrillas.
6. Egyptian infantry battalion.

The French

Cavalry Navy

1. Imperial Guard Horse Artilleryman.
2. Chasseur d'Afrique,
3. Brigadier, 5th Hussars.

4. Fusilier-Marin
5. Marine Infantry.
6. Marine infantry.

Auxiliary Troops Foreign Legion

1. Volunteer Martinique.
2. Egyptian infantry battalion.
3. Mexican auxiliary in the tropics.

4. Fusilier Corporal.
5. Legionnaire at Camaróne.
6. Grenadier.

Zouaves and Tirailleurs Algeriens Line Infantry and Chasseurs

1. Zouave wearing hood.
2. Zouave, 1er Regiment.
3. Tirailleur Algerien, 3me Regiment.

4. Chasseur, 7me Battalion.
5. Voltigeur Bugler.
6. Fusilier, 81er Ligne.

The Mexican Imperial Army

1. Palatine Guard undress order.
2. Palatine Guard full dress.
3. Palatine Guard battle dress.

The Palatine Guard, 50 strong, was primarily responsible for the care of the sovereign and the castle of Chapultepec. It was placed under the command of Count Bombelles.

4. Infantry, 18th Line battalion.
5. Line Infantry (1863-1865).
6. Cazadore, 3rd Battalion (1867).

From 1863, the French mostly equipped the Imperial Army. The result is a curious combination of Franco-Mexican style.

1. Trooper, Présidiales Companies.
2. Trooper, Imperial Cavalry (from Vanson).
3. Trooper, Imperial Cavalry.

4. NCO of the Imperial artillery.
5. Soldier of the Imperial Gendarmerie, undress or field uniform.
6. Municipal Guard, Mexico City.

1. Cazadore, 8th Cavalry Corps (1866).
2. Trooper, Empress' Lancers (1867).
3. Horsenman, Rurale Guards of Queretaro (1867).

4. Line Infantry (1866 - 1867).
5. Battallion of Cazadores (1866 - 1867).
6. Trooper, "Red Hussars" (1867).

Mexican Republican Army

1. National Guard of the State of Michoacan, Morelia Battalion (1863)
2. National (1856 - 1860) Guard infantryman in regulation uniform of 1853 amended in 1856.
3. National Guard undress. 1856 regulations specified the use of a white canvas uniform. This uniform was the most common in the Republican army.

4. Trooper, Rurales.
5. Irregular Cavalryman.
6. Trooper, Regular Cavalry.

1. Plateados.
2. Republican guerrilla.
3. Republican guerrilla wearing sarape.

4. Infantryman, State Militia (1863 - 1867)
5. Republican soldier. (1866 - 1867)
6. Infantry, Battalion of Supremos Podores.

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