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Uniforms of the Mexican Adventure

Mexican Adventure: Uniforms

Republican Mexicans

The armies of Benito Juarez

 Imperial Mexicans

The armies of Emperor Maximilian

Legionnaire in Mexico French Foreign Legion

Various illustrations of FFL uniforms in Mexico.

French Troops

Various illustrations of French uniforms in Mexico.

Belgians in Mexico Belgian Troops

Various illustrations of Belgian uniforms in Mexico.

Austrian Hussar Austrian Troops

Various illustrations of Austrian Legion uniforms in Mexico.


Also Turcos, Tireilleurs, and Egyptian troops

Eastern-styled uniforms and African Troops.


Colourful but brutal anti-insurrectionists.

Turcos ŕ Cheval

This article originally appeared in La Sabertache.

Many thanks to M. Pierret for his permission to reproduce it here.

Chasseurs d'Afrique

Dashing cavalry from Africa.

Viva the Bull! Kill the Bull!

These illustrations originally appeared in Viva the Bull! Kill the Bull! by Richard Clarke (published in Wargames Illustrated) and appear here with his permission.

(Save for the Turco, for which I should be blamed)

G. Cenni

These images are from a series of watercolour illustrations by G. Cenni.

They were found in Uniforms and Regimental Regalia: The Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume Illustration, (Search keyword: Mexico)
part of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery

The Company Of Military Historians

The Company Of Military Historians publishes and distributes a series of military prints, Military Uniforms in America.

Many of the Maximilian Wars and French Intervention plates are still available inexpensively from the CoMH.

Joseph Hefter

Joseph Hefter was an historian and illustrator who did a great deal of study on Mexican Uniforms. Much of what we see from other authors is based on his work.

Includes "El Soldado de Juárez, De Napoleón y de Maximiliano"

Henri Boisselier

A series of plates by noted French military artist Henri Boisselier (1881-1959).

Michael Provost

Michael Provost is a Belgian artist with a strong interest in the French Intervention. He has been kind enough to allow us to use these images...

Many thanks to M. Provost.

Other Images

Plates by Knotel and illustrations from Kinnick's 'Uniforms of the World'.


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