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Gringo 40's produces a growing range of larger 28mm figures for the Mexican Adventure. (Plus a larger range covering Mexican wars, in both 40MM and 28mm)

Available: Republican Troops, French Foreign Legion, Belgian Legion, Contra-Guerillas, Soudanese Infantry, and Maximilian's Palace Guard.

Planned: Austrian Legion, Cavalry, Artillery, Generals.

Wargames Foundry has their original 25mm Maximilian Range, plus their later 25mm Mexican and small 28mm Camerone sets in their Old West Range.

The range used to be extensive, but has been cut down a bit and packaged in mixed blister packs. Some Crimean War and Franco-Prussian packs are useful as well.

TVAG has recently returned "Viva Juarez", Richard Houston's old line (of Chris Ferree's sculpts) to production.

A classic range, they are old school 25mm, now being sold in unit packs.

Gringo 40's Miniatures


Wargaming the Mexican Adventure by Alan Saunders

The Charlotte Garrison's Maximilian Adventure Wargames page.

Eric Burgess' Din-of-Battle: Maximilian Adventure in 15mm

Maximilian Adventure Scenario Material at The Miniatures Page.


Austro-Hungarian Army - The War in Mexico - Good Bibliography

The CFFH has 4 volumes on the War in Mexico, with French-language text.

French Foreign Legion in Mexico

Imperial Flag


Casa Imperial - Documents and photos - A mixed but interesting lot.

A Bibliography of Ferdinand Maximilian von Habsburg (1832-67) and his wife Carlotta of Belgium

Latin American Studies - Maximilian and French Intervention

Maximilian of Mexico by Kerry J. Tattersall

Royal Tragedies in House Habsburg Coin

Chronicle of Maximilian

Matthew Brady photo of Maximilian

Infoplease Maximilian

Infoplease Carlotta

Infoplease Benito Juarez

Mexico History: French Intervention

Carlota the Grand Opera

Encyclopedia.com Juarez

Encyclopedia.com Napoleon III

Encyclopedia.com Maximilian

The Empire of Maximilian

Cinco de Mayo

Rice University's collection of Carlota's letters and photographs


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