or: The Phantom Crown.

Accessories to liven up markets & buildings, suitable for Spain, New Spain, Mexico.

Mexican Adventure: Terrain: The Market


These are my favourites: They are essentially anti-cover in a game. Sure, they block line of sight, and will stop a few bullets, but consider the troops/individuals unlucky enough to be cowering behind them when they are hit by musketry...

The hives are small baskets purchased in a craft store, the bases made from craft sticks. The vegetation is dyed sponge.

Market Stall

The stall is merely 4 (toothpick) poles with a (cotton) cloth draped over them.

The table is made from craft wood, the large basket is a wooden bead. The small pots are wooden beads with wire rims, and the platters are thumbtacks with piles of pepper or mustard seeds.

The rear of the base is untextured so that a vendor figure can stand on the base under the awning.


The blankets are cotton cloth stiffened with glue and backed with plastic card.

The pots are wooden beads with wire rims, and the platters are thumbtacks. The bundles of herbs are embroidery cotton, the apples are mustard seeds. The tortillas are punched from posterboard, and the other platters have pepper, crushed oregano, and... sand. The knife and spoon are hammered from a pin.


These are all made from a bag of assorted wooden beads from Wal-Mart. The rims are wire (Mostly thin spear shafts, because the lead bends & cuts easily) The blanket is for a blanket display outside a potter's shop, the shelves are for the interior of the shop. Now I have to build the shop!

You can never have too many pots to strew around your buildings, whether they're in Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, or the New World!

Tables & Benches

These are the set from El Gato Negro, but they are handy throughout the town. The tables hold 2 figures, so can be used to make a firing step for a wall that is otherwise too high to fire over. They are made from that cheapest of wood: popsicle sticks. The bench is a length of stick with a joint scribed in the centre, and supports glued to the bottom (with a strengthener between them.) The table is made the same way as the bench but is 2 sticks wide. The supports are also popsicle sticks, with a match wood widener at the bottom, and a matchwood strengthener between.

Ox Cart

I wanted more clutter about my peublo, and one of the things I remember about country towns in my youth was old, dead wagons tucked away in corners. I felt that an ox cart or two would not be out of place. This style would not be out of place in many locales, and with different sides would do as a Red River cart. I painted it as an unused, blackened piece, weathered from sitting out, neglected.

The platform, shafts, and axles are all craft sticks, and the upright sticks are wire. The wheels are from the spares box, and could have been replaced with solid disk wheels. Although intended merely as scenery, the shafts will take an animal, so it can join a supply train.

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