or: The Phantom Crown.

A Cantina suitable for Mexico or the American West.

Mexican Adventure: Terrain: Cantina & Adobes

Mexican Cantina

Cantina & Adobes

This is a simple model, two rooms and a patio on a beaver board base, designed for skirmish gaming. The building is fairly nondescript and is useable in Mexico, India, Afghanistan, or North Africa.

It can form a strongpoint or defensible position, or can be be an objective for a battle, containing needed supplies. (The barrels & tables are loose and can be moved around.)

The body is foamcore. The smaller room is an 'addition' to the big room, and the two are connected by a large arch, making it effectively one room. It is furnished with benches & tables within. See El Gato Negro for further details of the the tables, etc.

The roof supports are made from thin bamboo skewers, and actually support the removable cardboard roof.

The doors are made of craft wood on wire hinges, and open and close. The front door and window are set into arches, and have awnings shading them. The greenery is dyed sponge.

The sunshade at the rear is made from thin bamboo skewers and bamboo toothpicks. The patio can be used as a storage area (Check your craft store for turned wooden barrels) or as a defensive position.

The walls are just a bit too tall to fire over without a fire step. The troops to the left are using tables to enable themselves to defend the rear of the building.

I have also made a number of smaller generic-styled Adobes. They serve as small homes in or near town, or as individual farmhouses in the countryside

Construction details are the same, except The doors and windows are framed with craft wood, and the windows have shutters. (to protect against Apaches, not tornadoes) The shutters are made from craft sticks and don't close.

The bases on all these buildings are beaverboard textured with sand. I don't put texture where figures are expected to stand.

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