or: The Phantom Crown.

The Crisp Pages

Mexican Adventure: Crisp Pages

When searching for more material online, I found a bunch of archived material, written by a fellow named Crisp. There was quite a bit, and some useful information indeed. The pages were long gone, but deserve to be seen.

There was no contact information, and I don't even know the author's full name, so I was unable to ask his permission. But I figured he'd be OK with it, as he'd used about 30 illustrations from my pages without asking me or giving credit. Fair is Fair!

These pages are not my work: I only formatted them, and edited for spelling and grammar. Sometimes.

Emperor Maximilian of Mexico

Empress Carlota of Mexico

Marshal of France Francois Achille Bazaine

Prinz Felix zu Salm-Salm

Colonel Jean Charles Dupin

The French Army in Mexico

The Mexican Imperial Army

The Belgian Army in Mexico

Austrian Volunteer Corps in Mexico

Confederados: American Rebels in Mexico

Battle for the Mexican Border

The Last Stand of the Mexican Empire

The Legend of the Lost Treasure of Emperor Maximilian


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