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Mexican Adventure: Books

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Search the Internet Archive with the terms 'Maximilian Emperor Mexico' and you'll get links to bunches of free-to-download books on the era. (Not all are in English)

Colonial Campaigns: Maxmilian in Mexico: Mexican-France War of 1867
By Tim Tilson
Price:$15.00 (released November 2006)

Scenarios are as follows:

1. Puebla- May 5, 1862 - The basis for the Cinqo de Mayo holiday
2. Camerone- April 30, 1863 - Famous last stand of 49 Legionnaires vs. 2,000 Mexicans
3. San Lorenzo- May 8, 1863 - Dawn attack by the French
4. Matehuala- May 17, 1864 - Classic relief force scenario
5. Callejon de la Laja- March 2, 1865 - Mexicans ambush Austrians and Sudanese
6. Tacambaro- April 11, 1865 - First blood for the Belgian Legion
7. Major Dundee- April 19, 1865 - Can you get Charlton Heston back to the US?
8. Rifles for Juarez- December 4, 1865 - Smuggling rifles past the French
9. Santa Gertrudis- June 16, 1866 - Last fight of the Austrian Legion
10. Miahuatlan- October 3, 1866 - General Diaz makes his reputation

These scenarios are organized to be played using The Sword and the Flame, but can be easily adapted to any rule set.

Units are 8 infantry/6 cavalry, allowing for faster play, greater flexibility, and requiring less figures. .

All scenarios are playable on a 5x8' table..

Other sections include:

Available from:

Brigade Games (www.brigadegames.com)
On Military Matters ( militarymatters@worldnet.att.net) or 609-446-2329 or 609-446-4174 (fax)

The Mexican Adventure, 1861-67 (Men-At-Arms, No 272)
by Rene Chartrand, Richard Hook (Illustrator)
Osprey Pub Co; (July 1994) ISBN: 185532430X

The easiest to get of all the sources, it's standard Osprey fare: Nice illustrations and easy-to-read text.

Maximilian & Juarez
by Jasper Ridley
Phoenix Press, London WC2; (July 2001) ISBN: 1842121502

A good general overview of the period. Not a lot of military matters, but good to help understand the events and politics of the time.

Mexican Adventure
by Daniel Dawson
Ayer Co Pub; Reprint edition (June 1935) ISBN: 0836966821

A reprint of the 1935 edition: Another useful title.

A Black Corps D'Elite: An Egyptian Sudanese Conscript Battalion With the French Army in Mexico, 1863-1867, and Its Survivors in Subsequent African History
by Richard Leslie Hill, Peter Hogg (Contributor)
Publisher: Michigan State Univ Pr; (May 1995) ISBN: 087013339X

An interesting read, it covers the unit from formation to disbandment, and traces the subsequent careers of the unit's members, and the effect it had on French & Egyptian military thinking.

Camerone: The French Foreign Legion's Greatest Battle.
by James W. Ryan
Publisher: Praeger Publishers; (March 1996) ISBN: 0275954900

A very good account of the Camerone campaign.

Maximillian's Lieutenant : A Personal History of the Mexican Campaign, 1864-7
Ernst Pitner.

Campaign Booklet #2 The Maximillian War: Uniforms, flags, orders~of~battle, organisation.

Available from Freikorps. A slim but useful booklet, although the flag info is dicey.

Fallen Guidon: The Saga of Confederate General Jo Shelby's March to Mexico
by Edwin Adams Davis
Texas A&M University Press; Reprint edition (November 1995) ISBN: 0890966834

Shelby's Expedition to Mexico: An Unwritten Leaf of the War (Civil War in the West)
by John N. Edwards, Conger, Jr. Beasley (Editor)
Univ of Arkansas Pr; (November 2002) ISBN: 1557287325

Maximilian in Mexico: A Woman's Reminiscences of the French Intervention, 1862-1867
by Sara Yorke Stevenson
Project Gutenberg Release #5997 (June 2004)

This title is available as a FREE download from Project Gutenberg

The Last Cartridge : The French Foreign Legion in Mexico
by James W. Ryan
Xlibris Corporation; (June 27, 2000) ISBN: 0738823554

This is actually a work of fiction. Ryan has a lot of knowledge of the period and seems determined to use it all, as fast as possible.

As a result, the writing is very heavy-handed, with legionnaires sounding like narrators filling in background, and sounding vaguely embarrased all the while.

I'll be honest, I'm in the middle of my third attempt at reading it, and I'm not enjoying it yet


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